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Human Nervous System (HNS) and Learning

Picture Baby and Learning

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  1. Human self-learning model
  2. Websites
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1. Human self-learning model

Warning : only chapters "Bibliography" and "Contents" are translated in English.

Overall external view, simplified internal view.

Forward, assimilation, accommodation, "schemes" organization, principle of "equilibration", conditioning, interest and affectivity, perception, object - space - causality - time, major stages of development.

Functional description of HNS
Situations, reflex situations, events, functions, detailed model, applications, emotion-consciousness-dream.

Definition of used terms.

Reference list about Human Nervous System.

Overall Table of contents.

2. Websites

  1. MONTANGERO J. (Collectif), Piaget et les sciences cognitives, Intellectica 2001/2, n33, Revue de l'Association pour la Recherche Cognitive, ISSN n0769-4113.
  2. Fondation Jean Piaget
  3. Prof.Jacques.Paillard ou Fabrice R. Sarlegna, PhD - Jacques PAILLARD

3. Help us

In order to expand this Website we are looking for :
- electronic version of some works of Jean Piaget. See PIAGET in Bibliography.
- any constructive notice or comment on the following chapters.
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