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Picture : Coule par 3 bandes avec contournement de la bille 3Picture : APJM - Les beliers hydrauliques (extrait)Picture : Baby and LearningPicture : Relativity - Geodesic

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This Website devoted to scientific information wants to be simple, clear and precise.
It is accessible to sensory handicapped and to any web browser.
It is used by many schools and organizations, especially in the context of end-of-studies projects.
It hosts many references, books, guides, photos, videos... about the following topics :

1. Physics of Billiards : a complement useful to the practical guides on Billiards.
    For player, software designer, scientist...

2. Hydraulic ram : an unusual device with basic principle, complex theory and ancestral practice.
    For user, hydraulic ram manufacturer, scientist...

3. Human Nervous System (HNS) and Learning : a sensori-motor behaviour model of baby in accordance with Piaget's Learning Theory.
    For biologist, psychologist, neuro-scientist...

4. Relativity : basic formulas of Restricted Relativity and General Relativity with a presentation of the mathematical tools accessible to uninitiated people.
    For scientist and truth seeker...

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