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1. Overall

The author is engineer in Mechanics and Computing, and specialist in Systemic modeling (*). He offers free site for scientific information.
Owing to his twenty years research and the rigor of his results, the author has become one of the world referents on Billiards Physics and one of the French referents on hydraulic ram.

(*) Systemic modeling is to describe in form of systems the physical phenomena observed every day. The challenge is to find the right level of model. It should be neither too simple to take into account all the physical observations, nor too complex to set the model parameters from these observations.

About physics of billards the author wrote in the "Pour la Science" magazine an article fully available on this Website and took part in the broadcasting programmes "Archimède" and C'est pas sorcier - Bille en tête : le billard (Youtube, 25:59). He wrote also the book "Billard - Théorie du jeu" [in English : "Billiards - Theory of the Game"] certified by the Federation of French Billiards.

About hydraulic ram the author made a thorough study fully available on this Website. He participates in the activities of the association HSF-Lyon (Hydraulic without Borders - antenna Lyon) for the project "HydroRam" studying the feasibility of an economic hydraulic ram built with commercial components.

About robotics, artificial intelligence and cognitive neurosciences, the auteur made a model of baby nervous system in accordance with Piaget's Learning Theory. This model is partly available on this Website.

About Relativity, the author made a pedagogical presentation of the basic formulas of Restricted Relativity and General Relativity. This presentation is fully available on this Website.

About psychology and spirituality, the author wrote an autobiographical essay "Une approche scientifique du silence" mainly based on the books of Gurdjieff, Arnaud Desjardins and Svami Prajnanpad.

Régis Petit, Engineer from "E.N.S.A.M." (Mechanics), Engineer from "E.N.S.E.E.I.H.T." (Applied Mathematics), P.H.D. from "I.N.P.T." (Computing, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence). Independent researcher. France.

2. Publications

  1. Article "The Art of Billiards Play", Pour La Science N246, April 1998.
  2. French book "Billard - Théorie du jeu", Chiron, 1997, 2004 (ISBN 978-2-7027-0999-3).
  3. French book "Bélier Hydraulique - Une machine insolite", autoédition, janvier 2008 (ISBN 978-2-9521300-1-1).
  4. Article "Human Nervous System and Learning", Internet 2009 (CopyrightFrance.com).
  5. Article "Relativity", Internet 2017 (CopyrightFrance.com).
  6. French book "Une approche scientifique du silence", autoédition, janvier 2004 (ISBN 2-9521300-0-0).

3. Contact

To contact the Author thanks to use this email : site@ERROR.com
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